What Are The Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects?

luxury home remodeling

At Winning Renovations, each new home remodel project offers us a chance to apply our unique perspective and expertise.

Choosing us to work on your home remodeling project means we’ll execute based on your needs, our forward-thinking approach, and extensive industry expertise. Our award winning remodeling services speak for themselves.

Winning Renovations develops relationships with our customers based on transparency and trust. More to the point, we work to gain a full grasp of the needs of our clients. No matter our project’s scope and our clients’ imagination or ambition, we’re committed to honoring their vision and exceeding expectations while staying within budget.

There’s a philosophy we have that’s rooted in finding balance and the ideal middle ground between logic and aesthetics. You can trust that we’ll adhere to this mentality throughout the entire process, whether your tastes are more contemporary or vintage. Our experience spans all styles and motifs.

As we discuss some of the most popular home remodeling projects, keep the above factors in mind. After all, Winning Renovations is ready to make your vision come to life, applying the latest trends in design with a timeless work ethic and devotion to quality.

Luxury Home Remodeling

Luxury home remodeling is a broad topic where creativity reigns supreme. You can express your flair for design and your personality via your home.

Yet, you don’t want to veer too far off the beaten path with your home remodel.

Originality is crucial–but reinventing the wheel is often unnecessary. Your best bet is to learn what’s worked (and what’s working). Then, add your unique twist to these trends.

Keeping the above notions in mind, here are some ideas that have grown in popularity for luxury remodeling in recent years:

Eco-Friendly Approaches

These days, luxury and eco-friendly are often one and the same. The more homeowners learn about the environmental damage, the more they want to do their part–including with their homes’ layout, design, and construction.

So, how can a luxury home renovation help decrease your carbon footprint? Often, it begins with materials.

For instance, you can speak with your high-end renovation company about how they source their lumber.

Many luxury homeowners have bared the fruit of lumber from railways, bridges, wharves, and old warehouses. These reused materials can result in awe-inspiring flooring, fixtures, beams, and general features.

Energy efficiency is another significant component in eco-friendly luxury home improvement. For instance, smart energy efficient windows offers automatic shade and tinting depending on the light conditions. You can also control these energy efficient windows manually on your smartphone.

Heating and cooling can be upgraded to solar and geothermal during your high-end home remodeling projects. It’s also possible to use paints low in volatile organic compounds.

Additionally, ask if your luxury remodeling company can re-insulate with earth-friendly materials and install energy-efficient appliances.

The last order of business for your eco-friendly luxury remodeling project is reusing or donating the remaining materials when the work is done.

It’s worth noting that Winning Renovations is at the forefront of eco-friendly and sustainable luxury remodeling. Our recommendations for energy-efficient strategies and sustainable building materials will bring your vision of an eco-friendly eutopia to life. Moreover, we use recycled and salvaged elements to offset the impact your high-end remodeling project has on the environment.

A Kitchen Fit For The Future

Your kitchen is the hub of your abode. It thus deserves the wealth of attention it’ll receive during the remodeling experience. Whether making a gourmet dinner, enjoying a light breakfast, or entertaining guests over drinks, you’ll end up in the kitchen, immersed in its essence and vibes.

During luxury home remodeling projects, a popular kitchen-based change is upgrading floors from tile to granite, travertine, or slate. Large pieces can be used to limit the seams.

Use smooth surfaces with distinguishable lines for a more modern aesthetic. Cabinets covered in metallic materials and islands of brushed aluminum add a European chic factor–on top of texture and depth. Also, consider dark woods, as they’re stunning when paired with hardware plated with chrome, stainless steel, or nickel.

Equip your new kitchen with multimedia networking, upgraded lights, and quad outlets. Then, you’ll genuinely have a kitchen fit for the future.

Lean Into The Luxury With These Additions…

Function should always meet form. Looking good is great, but having a purpose beyond appearance doubles down on the benefits.

However, the purpose of high-end remodeling is to be…well…high end.

Undoubtedly, you want to do everything right and adhere to the best ethics, like ensuring the building practices are eco-friendly. However, this is your home, and you have the opportunity to make it an unforgettable paradise by embracing the majestic nature of your upgrade.

Your immediate thought might be your gym and media room.

These are staples of many homes nowadays–not even luxury homes. Therefore, with your additions, we suggest dreaming big and thinking beyond standard conventions.

So, instead of limiting yourself to a space for working out and watching your favorite shows, why not add a steam room or a space for meditation? What about a room dedicated solely to tasting vintages and cab-savs? How about a cigar lounge to lap it up with your pals over a 12-year-old scotch?

It’s okay to dream big. You deserve the opportunity to take your home from a great place to live to a holiday-like destination for friends and family.

luxury home remodeling 2

Optimal Filtration Is Luxurious Too

Luxury home improvement goes beyond what the naked eye can see (although that’s a significant part of it).

We’ve already discussed eco-friendliness, which can be an invisible advantage. Another unseen factor is the air quality in your home.

Think about it., You can live in a home that gives The Ritz’s design and aesthetic a run for its money. Yet, all those luxurious aesthetics mean very little when you’re breathing in air that harms you and your family’s health.

Your HVAC system is the first component of optimizing filtration in your home. Discuss upgrading to a whole-home electrostatic filtration system with your contractor.

Once added to the HVAC ductwork, the whole-home system charges air particles by hitting the dirty air with a high-voltage blast. The system has plates that attract the particles by exerting an opposite charge. From there, the system eliminates dander, smoke, pollen, and mites, helping you maintain a clean home with fresh air.

How Does Remote Work Fit Into Luxury Home Renovation Projects?

The lockdowns of 2020 seem like a distant memory. Yet, the lingering impacts remain–such as the growth in remote work opportunities.

To the above point, it’s projected that approximately 36.2 Million Americans will work remotely by 2025. That’s 22% of the workforce.

That number might seem meager compared to the 78% of the workforce that isn’t working from home. Still, over 1 out of every 5 professionals will work from home–a considerable increase from where we were pre-pandemic.

Plus, who knows what else is to come? Even if your immediate plans don’t involve working from home, things can change in an instant, and it’s best to be prepared. Such is what we learned from the pandemic.

Here are some suggestions for high-end remodeling with remote work in mind:

Prioritize The Right Rooms For Work-Life Balance

When you’re glued to your home and unable to leave, you start getting a good idea of the importance of comfort. More specifically, you realize which rooms lack the components that offer relaxation and solace.

Ask yourself, which rooms in my home need to be upgraded?

It’s a crucial question because if you need to work remotely, you need your home to combine work and play. That separation of office hours and time to decompress alone or with your family must be distinctive. Too much overlap between professional and personal is detrimental to your quality of life.

The challenge depicted above is specific and requires unique design touches to ensure your home can harness your work-life balance.

Therefore, you must create a priority list before researching high-end remodeling companies. The list must consist of the rooms most frequently used by everyone in your house. Put bullet points of the issues you wish to address and how they can be improved via luxury upgrades.

Say Goodbye To The Kitchen Office

One way to throw your work-life balance off kilter is by making your kitchen your permanent home office.

As a temporary solution, the kitchen is adequate until your imminent return to the office. However, with the increase in remote jobs, you need to consider a more permanent area to do your most important work.

In the previous subsection, we briefly discussed the perils of not establishing the boundaries of work and home.

The kitchen office is the most blatant breach of those boundaries. As we also mentioned before, your kitchen is the ultimate hub for your home. Turning it into your office only serves to muddy the work-life balance waters.

It’s time to add a proper home office that offers that necessary separation. It can be the area in your home strictly defined as work. Then, when the clock strikes 5 (or 6, or 7), you can turn off your work brain and your office lights and focus on what’s important at home.

Leveraging Natural Light In Your Luxury Home Remodel

Whether working remotely or not, the winter makes us all feel boxed in the darkness.

Not only is it freezing cold outside, but there’s also minimal sunlight. The darkness almost feels inescapable and can weigh on your mental health.

While pandemic shutdowns appear to be a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still impacted by them. About 50 million American adults are facing some form of mental illness. These issues existed before the pandemic, but the shutdowns exacerbated them.

Using natural light, you can equip your home to relieve symptoms of waning mental health. Specifically, natural light increases happiness and improves mood, and you can remodel your home to reap these benefits.

Discuss your vision with your luxury home remodeling company. Explain how you want to wake up to the sun’s warm glow. Detail how important it is to drink your cup of comforting coffee as you bask in sun rays.

From there, your luxury home remodeling company will work with you to maximize your exposure to natural light and increase the positive energy in your living space. Initially, this upgrade would start by renovating each room with more skylights and windows.

In these times, when the climate is under duress, there’s no telling how arduous and lengthy the winters will be. Your only chance against these darker months is enhancing the daylight we have. Doing so will optimize your circadian rhythms and bolster your well-being.

Lastly, to remain aligned with our eco-friendly approach, ensure the windows you add are energy efficient to keep those costs low.

Embrace Biophilic Design

What is biophilic design, you ask?

It’s an innovative approach that combines green architecture with fashion and nature. This eco-friendly style combines indoor and outdoor components.

Examples of biophilic design include colorful rugs, brick, and plant-printed wallpaper, ensuring all elements mesh harmoniously.

Biophilic design is uniquely vital during the winter months, as they soothe homeowners’ minds in 2 ways. First, the style at play will put a smile on your face. Second, the holistic approach ensures a green season during those darkest and greyest times of the year.

Immersing your home in natural elements harnesses a sense of calm and balance–a crucial pushback against the digital revolution.

Plants are typically the first component of a biophilic design that pops into peoples’ heads–but they aren’t for everyone. If plants don’t speak to you, there are other ways to enhance the natural vibes in your home. For instance, talk to your high-end renovation company about incorporating stone, wicker, rattan, caning, cork, or wood.

Or, you can add photos or paintings of natural scenery with flowers and plants.

Your Home Remodel Should Appeal To The Whole Family

Homeowners with children embarking on a high-end remodeling project must contemplate how the needs of their sons and daughters fit into their upgrades. That isn’t to say you haven’t already considered these factors in some way–we’re just trying to emphasize their importance as you move forward.

Any oversights could prove costly. An ideal home for 2 adults might be a place of boredom or unrest for a child. Luxury home improvement is a significant investment, and you want to get it right for everybody in your home.

None of this preamble means your end-product of your high-end home remodeling project should be a children’s playhouse. Instead, we’re speaking about how the needs of the entire family must be prioritized, as conveyed through the examples below:

Fostering An Ideal Learning Environment For Your Children

As much as remote work is more prevalent even after shutdowns, remote learning is more common than ever. Although most children are back in the classroom, hybrid learning has grown in popularity–meaning many kids split time between in-class and at-home lessons.

Plus, there’s always the chance for another lockdown, in which case, your children need the optimal setup to ensure their days in virtual school aren’t wasted.

When discussing plans with your luxury home remodeling company, bring up the need for a quiet, safe study area that provides the necessary learning environment for your child. Specifically, adding a customized study room will vastly increase your children’s chances of excelling at school.

We’ll emphasize the term “personalized” since a study room shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Children all have unique traits and individualized styles of learning. Their personality will help shed light on their strong points and where they require help.

Say that your child is prone to distractions. In this case, they won’t thrive in a room with clutter and loud noises. Also, weigh your child’s age group into the design process of their learning environment.

Even if hybrid and remote learning aren’t part of your children’s lives (and won’t be for the foreseeable future), they still have homework. Thus, a study room has benefits beyond remote learning. Additionally, a space where your child can work in peace can encourage extracurricular studies, where they can harness their passions outside of the classroom.

An Escape For Adults

You’ve focused on work, your mental health, and your children. Now it’s time to prioritize your own needs as a homeowner.

You deserve a chance to treat yourself and take a break from the stresses of life in your luxury home.

Where can these places exist in your home? A few examples spring to mind, but let’s start with the idea of a luxury carriage house.

A luxury carriage house is a miniature version of your main home. For some couples, it presents an opportunity for a romantic staycation. Beyond their functional benefits, carriage homes are gorgeous architectural structures–especially when designed in conjunction with your main house.

Classic and modern styles are the two most popular designs for carriage homes. They’ve increased in appeal because they offer the sense of a getaway without needing to leave your property. They can be directly attached to your main home or made separate.

The other option to treat yourself in your home is adding a master bathroom suite that doubles as a spa. Imagine heated floors, steam showers, or filling up a steamy bath, sipping a glass of wine with your spouse, and letting your troubles melt away in the other’s company.

Let’s go beyond romantic getaways regarding your bathroom because the sky can be the limit.

Instead of where you brush your teeth and shower, your bathroom can be the area of your home that replenishes and reinvigorates your mind and soul. It can be an elegant oasis that offers functionality, storage, and luxury all at once. Consider adding heated flooring, custom tiles, backlit mirrors, and more.

Another consideration is your bedroom.

Of all paces, the master bedroom, or master suites, should be your eternal place of refuge where you feel safest from life’s many hardships. Working with high-end remodeling companies–like Winning Renovations–allows you to turn your bedroom into an extravagant safe haven. You’ll wake up every morning and go to bed every night in the lap of luxury. Our expert home builders master in luxuries like steam showers, heated floors, luxury saunas…or complete bathroom remodels.

The Value Of Outdoor Luxury

The winter might seem like it lasts forever, and you want to equip your home to deal with those harsh conditions. Still, winter isn’t permanent and the warmer weather comes quick. Soon enough, it’ll be spring, then summer, and even autumn is gorgeous enough to make you want to spend plenty of time outdoors.

Therefore, your luxury home improvement and high-end home renovations should account for the time you’ll spend outdoors on your property.

Renovating and redesigning your luxury home’s outdoor experience can start in your backyard, adding designated entertainment spaces. Such upgrades will fill you with anticipation for the oncoming summer, as your home will become the neighborhood hub for barbecues and patio parties.

Consider options such as a bonfire pit, outdoor kitchen, heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, and lounging area.

Given Utah’s 4-season climate, it’s the ideal place to spend time outdoors with your friends and family. Neighborhoods throughout the region are chockful of lake, valley, and mountain views, all conducive to luxurious outdoor living.

At Winning Renovations, we’re experts at building outdoor living spaces that help you experience nature while maintaining the luxury you’ve worked so hard to enjoy.

luxury home remodeling 3

With Luxury Comes The Need For Security

Utah is among the safest places in the US, making it a state we’re all proud to call our home.

That said, when your home undergoes high-end remodeling, you’ve invested enough money into the project to focus on security. Yes, the chances of anything out of the ordinary happening are slim to nil. Regardless, you owe it to yourself and your family to have built-in contingencies.

Given the state of the world and the difficulties many people are having, it’s reasonable to be anxious about property destruction, home invasions, burglaries, or disasters related to weather.

Thus, we suggest adding a safe room during your luxury renovation. These are also known as panic rooms or emergency shelters and have been around for a long time.

You deserve peace of mind. Knowing your family is safe in case disaster strikes brings with it a permanent sigh of relief. Give us a call to talk to one of our experienced professionals.

Working With The Top Luxury Home Remodeling Company For Your Renovation Projects

It’s said that buying your home is the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime. If there’s a consensus number 2 on that list, we think it’d be remodeling and renovating that same home. Whether it’s a whole home remodel, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, the professionals at Winning Home Renovations are here to help.

According to Home Guide, the average gut and remodeling costs for a home falls between $100,000 and $200,000. There’s a $60 to $150 per square foot average cost for gut renovation, including structural improvements, demolition, new plumbing/electrical, appliances, HVAC, and finishings.

Keep in mind that those above prices are general averages. They aren’t necessarily accounting for renovation projects with luxury upgrades. Depending on the scope, your remodeling or renovation costs will go far beyond those numbers.

These high costs often bring a substantial return on investment–whether through the quality of life or the eventual sale price of your home. There’s a caveat, though. You’ll only reap your deserved returns by partnering with a luxury home remodeling company whose priorities match yours.

In other words, you want to work with a high-end renovation company that works with you to deliver the results you desire. You want to partner with a contractor who aims to maximize every dollar you spend to complete the upgrades of your dreams. You want to work with an industry expert who ensures the end product of your project is you living in the lap of luxury.

The Utah market is jam-packed with contractors making bold promises, making it tough to find the best luxury remodeling company. Although, if you ask around, you’ll start to hear a particular name on repeat from awed customers based on excellent results.

The company in question? Winning Renovations.

Why Should You Hire Winning Renovations For Luxury Remodeling?

The realities of hiring Winning Renovations for luxury remodeling will be evident upon your first consultation. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and our focus on giving you what you want can’t be paralleled.

Once we start working, the quality of our craftsmanship is second to none, given the vastness of our experience and our commitment to hiring only the most skilled contractors.

Moreover, we have unrivaled expertise in every project we work on. As a result, we’ll bring your dream renovation to life within budget and in a streamlined fashion.

Another thing you can count on with Winning Renovations is the utmost availability and transparency. We’ll always be there to answer your questions, keep you in the loop, and ensure there are no surprises. Every project has a dedicated project manager that is there to make this process a fun and exciting one.

All the same, we’re not telling you to jump into your project head-first.

It’s important to us that you make an informed decision on who you work with. We’ll help shed crucial light on your home remodeling project through a consultation. From there, you can take the insights we offer to inform the rest of your renovation investment process.

Contact Winning Renovations today to book your consultation.

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